adventuregame.gitA "game" that will eventually be on my website. Thunder5 months
dots.gitMy dotfiles repository. Thunder5 months
dwmblocks.gitMy build of dwmblocks. Thunder5 months
scammenu.gitCustomized build of dmenu, named scammenu because. Thunder6 months
scamterminal.gitCustomized build of Luke's build of st, named scamterminal because. Thunder6 months
scamwm.gitCustomized build of dwm, named scamwm because. Thunder5 months
sm64-romhack.gitMy SM64 romhack project, basically nothing yet. Thunder3 weeks
torbrowser-launcher-pkgbuild.gitPKGBUILD for torbrowser-launcher that automatically applies a patch to fix launc...Thunder5 months
website.gitMy websites source code, mostly to make it easier to develop. Thunder6 weeks